Job Description


(1) Fish Machine Tender
(2) Fish Packer
(3) Fish Cleaner
(4) Fish Bin Tender

(1) 521.686-034
(2) 920.687-086
(3) 525.684-034
(4) 529.687-082

Strength Classification:
(1) Medium
(2) Heavy
(3) Medium
(4) Medium

WORK SCHEDULE: 12 hours or more, as necessary, on a daily basis for the duration of the contract. You may work extended hours during peak operations. May work extended hours with uneven shifts and sleep patterns such as during offload and back-load operations.

MATERIALS/TOOLS/EQUIPMENT/WORK AIDS: Fillet knives, pressure water hoses, shovels, buckets, pallets, pallet jacks, movable and stationary conveyor systems, hoists, and fish processing machinery such as head and gut machines.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT: Life Preserver, hard hat, noise suppression devices, Safety goggles, gloves, fire extinguisher, respirator and freezer boots.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Processors convert the raw product into a processed, marketable product. They sort fish, tend and operate head and gut machines, inspect the products, load and unload freezers, weigh, package and label the product, and load/unload the product and other supplies on/off the ship. They clean the factory area on a regular basis and perform other work as directed. Processors may work in any of a number of areas of the operation including the factory, the freezer containers, on the back-deck, or on adjoining docks or vessels during offloads and back-loads.


1. Must be capable of boarding and exiting a vessel without physical assistance by climbing up or down gangplank, or by using a Jacob’s ladder. Must also be capable of boarding and entering a skiff from a dock or a boat unassisted. Boarding and exiting can occur in all weather conditions and during all seasons.

2. Must be capable of following specific written, oral and visual directions in the event of an emergency. Must meet at designated locations to receive instructions and place on a life vest or jacket and/or survival suit without assistance. Must be able to walk without assistance to any assigned life boat station or life craft for boarding.

3. Must climb or descend one or more sets of steps both inside and outside the vessel in all weather conditions and temperatures ranging from normal or room temperature to 30 degrees below zero.

4. May assist in all loading and unloading operations.

5. May assist other vessel crew including officers, deck hands, engineers and any technicians, as directed in the performance of their work duties up to and including offloads and back-loads.

6. Must be able to share room assignments and bathroom facilities and eat in a common dining area with other crew. Must be capable of using an upper bunk without the aid of a ladder.

7. Must be capable of working and living on site for extended periods of time up to several weeks without having access to hospital services, prescription medications, or medical treatment except for first aid assistance.


1. Processing Machine Operations

In this area processors perform the following tasks: Operate conveyor belt systems to regulate the movement or flow of fish to head and gut machines.

  • Discard incidental fish and fish that cannot be processed.
  • Place the fish correctly into the slots of a moving conveyor feeding the head and gut machines.
  • Observe work in progress and clear blockages manually.
  • Assist Factory Engineering personnel in maintaining, repairing, replacing, or installing factory equipment.
  • Inspect the product to ensure that it conforms to established quality control guidelines.

2. Case-up

  • Place frozen, product into totes and operate a strapping machine.
  • Move the packed product on the conveyor system for transfer to the freezer containers.