Welcome to Signature Seafoods, Inc. This is the finest, benefits-oriented processing company in S.E. Alaska!

We welcome you to join us for this upcoming summer!

After seeing what others provide for you, you will see that what we offer is truly a better way to earn and save your money!

We at Signature Seafoods take great pride in our complete EMPLOYMENT BENEFIT PACKAGE. Our wages are competitive with other companies in the Seafood Industry, but we go beyond the earnings base and provide to you at no cost the following unseen benefits that other Alaskan Employers deduct from your wages:

  1. M/V Ocean Fresh employees will ride the boat to and from Alaska, starting in Seattle.
  2. Upon successfully completing your contract, you will be 100% reimbursed. (If you quit or are terminated you receive no reimbursement).
  3. All benefits regarding Travel & Reimbursement money accrued are forfeited if the Contract is not completed.

We are very proud of our Salmon Processing operations and welcome those that are willing to work hard and in return want to take more of their money home than with other processor companies.

Make the most out of your Summer Job!