Contract & Wages


The contract for the M/V Ocean Fresh will begin approximately June 14th with the season ending approximately Sept. 10th.

The rate of pay for an entry level Processor is $12.50 per hour. Overtime is paid in accordance with Federal and State of Alaska wage and hour regulations. All raises are given by your supervisor based upon performance, position and experience.

You are required to be ready and willing to work as directed at any job that needs to be done. During peak production, work may be 7 days per week and up to 15 or more hours per day. Between production times or during slow periods, there may be days with no work at all. There are no guaranteed hours. Your housing, meals and laundry are provided at a cost of $15.00 per day. Upon successfully completing your contract, you will be 100% reimbursed. (If you quit or are terminated you receive no reimbursement).

No Alcohol! No Drugs! No Knives/Firearms! Signature Seafoods reserves the right to inspect baggage and other personal possessions at any time. Signature Seafoods has taken a decisive stand against the use of alcohol and drugs or substances by any employee, unless prescribed by a physician. We are committed to a safe work environment; consequently, any violation will be grounds for immediate termination. Any illegal activities are subject to prosecution.

At-Will Drug Tests are a pre-employment, for cause, and random requirement. If your lifestyle conflicts with this rule, please withdraw from the application process. This may also include a pre-employment physical.

If after reading the information provided, you can accept these job conditions without reservations and if you are strongly motivated, physically fit and are not afraid of hard work, please click on “Application” and fill out the materials in full. Incomplete applications will not be considered.