Living & Working Environment


Up to one hundred nine people live and work on site. The accommodations are dormitory style, most rooms are four person; however one room is a 12 person room. Showers facilities are private. The cafeteria serves four meals a day, usually two entries per meal. There is a TV in the cafeteria to watch movies on.

Working conditions may be cold, wet and monotonous. The job requires long hours, hard work, teamwork and self-discipline. It is important for your success and the success of the organization that you be agreeable and get along with everyone in a diverse working environment. You will be working with people of many cultures, races, religions, ages, national origins, who are speaking many languages; and you are expected to interact in a considerate and respectful manner. You must be able and willing to follow directions and rules and to work extremely hard to achieve production goals and product quality standards.

If you are hired by Signature Seafoods, Inc., we suggest you bring along the following items:
• Warm, sturdy, washable work clothes – jeans, flannel shirts, sweatshirts & pants, hat or ball cap, warm socks
• Towels & washcloths
• Toiletries – Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razors
• A 3 month supply of any prescription drugs you are taking
• An Alarm Clock
• Personal Entertainment – (Books, playing cards, CD/Tape player, camera, video tape movies)
• Recreational facilities are limited.

Through payroll deductions you may purchase from our small assortment of toiletries, cigarettes, candy snacks as well as some over-the-counter medicines at our ships store.

Any Banking must be done through the mail service. Remember, this is limited and subject to the weather.